Negative Carryover in Casino Affiliate Programs

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Most of the casino affiliate programs offer you payouts every month and reset your balance to $0. So, at the beginning of a new cycle, you start with this balance. Now, imagine a scenario where your account is in the negative. Let’s say a casino player you had referred suddenly wins big, but your account shows -$1,500. This is the result of a negative carryover.

If your account shows $1,250 in the month of January, you’ll begin February with $0. Now, if your account is -$1,000 by the end of the month, you’ll begin March with -$1,000. This won’t have any impact on your previous earnings. However, the negative balance will continue to carry over until you’ve earned enough.

No negative carryover

When a negative balance doesn’t carry over to the next month, it’s called ‘no negative carryover’. Now, let’s understand this with the help of an example. Let’s say that you have $1,250 in the month of January. You begin February with $0 and by the end of the month you have -$1,000. Under no negative carryover, you’ll start the month of March with $0 instead of -$1,000.

The importance of researching affiliate programs

According to some of the industry experts, ‘no negative carryover’ is often too good to be true. Here, we’ll again try to delve into this issue by taking the help of an example. Let’s say your balance on the 30th of July is $0. On the very next day, a player deposits $500 and loses big time.

This puts your account at -$9500. On the 1st of August, your balance is reset to $0 according to the no negative carryover rule. After a while, the player wins back the amount and your account is now at $9,800. You might say that all is well at the moment, but this is not so in reality. The player lost a total of $800 with $300 going to you and $500 to the casino. Yet you’re owed $9,500.

The question is whether the casino would really pay out such an amount. If they are indeed paying out such an amount, it would be an extremely rare case. If you come across affiliate programs offering no negative carryover, do your research on them.

Just like most of the things in the world, this seems too good to be true. Some of the affiliate programs will have policies to protect themselves from such things.

Some concluding thoughts

It’s not that affiliate programs with ‘no negative carryover’ are bad. Many affiliates in the world are working with such casino affiliate programs at the moment. You must certainly do an in-depth research on such programs. If the only thing that the program offers is no negative carryover, you must think twice before signing up.

Some affiliate programs offer no negative carryover for the first three months. In such cases, there’s a good reason why they have such an offer. The reason is that they want affiliates to promote them. They’re willing to take the risk of a loss if the affiliates would stick to them.

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