6 Partnership Models in Online Casino Affiliate Programs

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You don’t need to be an expert in gambling to make loads of money from online casinos. The affiliate programs associated with them offer you some fantastic avenues to earn huge amounts in commissions. However, you must have some basic knowledge about the way online casino affiliate programs work.

A good way to get started is to familiarize yourself with some of the partnership models in these affiliate programs. So, here we present some of the popular partnership models in online casino affiliate programs:

1. Revenue Share

As an affiliate, you’ll receive a certain percentage of revenue generated by the players you’ve referred. This is called ‘Revenue Share’ model and it is the basis of most of the referral agreements. Most of the affiliates favor this partnership model because it provides them income for the long term.

It also works well for the casinos. The affiliates get the necessary motivation to promote them through their website and other online channels. This results in the generation of constant revenue for the online casinos that they promote.

2. Cost Per Action (CPA)

This is a partnership model where you earn a commission based on an action that your referral performs. It is up to the online casino to decide what action or actions would be considered for the commissions. It can be signing up on the online casino, playing a game, watching a video or making a deposit. This is also one of the popular models in the online casino space today.

3. Pay Per Click (PPC)

Under this partnership model, the online casino you’re promoting pays you when someone clicks on its link. You need to place such links on your website strategically for the best results. The rewards for affiliates in this model can be lower when compared to the other models.

This is because all clicks don’t lead to actions that benefit the online casino. Some of the beneficial actions are filling a registration form and making a deposit. The online casinos benefit immensely from this model, as they can target an audience interested in online casino games.

4. Cost Per View (CPV)

In this model, the affiliate receives commission for every view that an ad gets. The online casinos often utilize this partnership model for their video promotions. You receive commissions for getting your website’s visitors to watch the online casino’s video advertisement. The rewards in CPV model is lower than PPC. This is because you receive your commission merely by getting your visitors to view the ad.

5. Pay Per Sale (PPS)

Under this model, the affiliates get their rewards when the visitors buy the products or services through affiliate links. The PPS rewards are the highest among all the partnership models in online casino affiliate programs. As it results in the sale of products or services advertised, it’s highly beneficial for the online casinos.

6. Hybrid partnership models

The hybrid model is also called mixed model. It’s a combination of Revenue Share and CPA models. Many online casinos offer this partnership model in their effort to provide their affiliates with the best deals. A few online casinos may also offer their affiliates some customized options as well. In a way, this model is a win-win for affiliates and the online casinos they’re promoting.

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